Elections 2021

The mayoral election may be close. Adele Carles is a strong candidate. Much may depend on how electors remember what happened ten years ago. Hannah Fitzhardinge may be seen as offering new leadership, despite her membership of the overspending Pettitt council, and she might stop the Carles comeback to public life.

Voting might be ranked in this order:

Hannah Fitzhardinge
Adele Carles
Marija Vujcic
Rod Grljusich
Martin Douthwaite

For Council, I’m predicting Fedele Camarda for Beaconsfield (for perseverance, and lack of a credible opponent).

City Ward is one of the most complex and important in the whole state, and a move to a ‘forensic accountant’, in Craig Ross, may be seen to be a good idea. However, Adin Lang, the incumbent, is fighting on, and may win.

Jenny Archibald is, unsurprisingly, unopposed in East Ward.

Ben Lawver should have the local popularity in Hilton enough to get him across the line in the vacancy caused by Sam Wainwright’s retirement (the last Fremantle waterside worker to hold public office?)

Doug Thompson is the old pro, very long-term incumbent in North Ward, and there is a lack of a credible opponent.

I doubt that Andrew Sullivan is seen as completely trustworthy in South Ward, and electors may think it’s time for a change – perhaps to a smart lawyer like Steven Pynt.

I’m predicting three new councillors to go with the new mayor.


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