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West End Walks


On this website there are plans for some walks in the West End of Fremantle.

Walk 4 is called that by its planner, David Hutchison, in his book, Fremantle Walks (2006). That's his map. >>
It begins and ends at Marine Terrace and so would suit a visitor staying near there, for example at the Esplanade Hotel.

Walk 1 was the beginning of this whole website, and you can read about that here. It starts not far from the Railway Station, and so would suit a visitor arriving by train or bus (or indeed ship). It finishes at Moores cafe in Henry St, not far from the Esplanade.

Walk 2 was actually designed for a particular group of people who were at the Esplanade Hotel for a conference, and proposed to conduct them from the hotel to the Round House (jail) and back. But the conference organisers didn't like it, and asked me to remove all mention of their conference from the page. A walk was in fact conducted, but not with any reference to this website. However, the walk plan still exists.

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