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William Street

William IV

William Street Fremantle (and I assume also William Street Perth) are named for William IV (reigned 1830-37), who looks a complete dork in this ridiculous out-of-proportion painting in which he more than a little over-dressed. >

On the original plan the SE termination of this Fremantle street was at 'King Street'. The land across which the latter ran was later included in that set aside for the Convict Establishment and now forms part of Fremantle Oval. Later, it terminated at Henderson Street, where it also met the bottom end of Fairbairn Terrace, which led up to the Convict Establishment. After Parry Street was put through after 1984, William Street was extended for 50 metres as far as a roundabout at Fremantle Oval.

At its other end it met both High and Adelaide Streets. Now that High St is closed to vehicular traffic on both side of the junction, the effect is that traffic flows unrestricted from Adelaide into William St (it's one-way).

On its NE side, there are only four buildings: the Town Hall, the former Queensgate complex, and the Henderson Street parking station, and one of the Warders Cottages terraces.

On the SW side, the first building is Manning Chambers, now considered part of the enormous spread of Manning Buildings, which continue the length of the High St Mall and into Market St. Manning Chambers (1902-06) is 1-5 William St. The next building has three shops in its ground-floor frontage. Norm Wrightsons at no. 7 has been a barbershop since 1933. Before that it was the studio of photographer Charles Nixon from 1894. The last trader in the large empty building at 13-19 was Best & Less. Earlier, it was the Fremantle branch of Harvey Norman.

The Oddfellows Hall was in William Street 1867-1919 (or 1925) and was where the store building is at present, at 13-21.

We then come to the Federal Hotel, 1887, 23-25 William St.

After that there is a large complex of modern shops called Fremantle Malls at 27-, and then a parking area where the Spicers building used to stand. William St then passes between the ends of the two Warders Cottages terraces. The last building on this side is the back of the Fremantle Markets.

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