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Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle
formerly Perth Rd, Victoria Avenue

Queen Victoria Street is in three parts (one being the roadway that goes over the older Traffic Bridge, which is therefore also known as the Queen Victoria Bridge). The one in Fremantle was called Cantonment Road, as it continued Cantonment Street presumably to a cantonment at the base of Cantonment Hill, but its name was changed in 1892 because of the obvious confusion.

The other is in North Fremantle and was part of what was formerly known as the Perth Road and then Victoria Avenue. That part of the former Perth Rd that is to the north of Queen Victoria St is now Stirling Highway. The southernmost portion of the Perth Road became known as Victoria Avenue in 1923, and later Queen Victoria Street.

Significant buildings in QV St (North) are the Swan Hotel, the former NF Town Hall, and the former Wesleyan Church. The Rose Hotel was in the Perth Road, but is in that part which is now Stirling Highway, as are the former North Fremantle School, and St Anne's Catholic Church.

Garry Gillard | New: 17 October, 2015 | Now: 15 November, 2019