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Parry Street

parryNamed for Rear-Admiral William Edward Parry, tho he was never in the Colony. >
From the northwest, Parry Street originally only went the three blocks from Adelaide Street southeast through Queens Square to Holdsworth Street. To the northwest, Edward Street continued down to the river beach next to the Australia Hotel. Edward Street has now become part of Parry Street - and is also named after the admiral. (William Street is not, being named for the King - one of them.)

In the late 1970s, it was proposed to extend Parry St southwestwards to join South Terrace. After a few years of consideration this was approved in 1984 and then carried out, cutting off the western end of Fairbairn Street, and passing close to the back of the Victoria Pavilion at Fremantle Oval. Passing between the Scots Church and the Synagogue at its southern end, it joins South Terrace opposite Norfolk St, which continues down to Marine Terrace.

I suppose Parry St functions as a 'ring road' for Fremantle, together with Marine Parade, and Phillimore St/Elder Place.

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