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Dr Alexander Collie, 1793-1835, was the Surgeon on board HMS Sulphur, the third ship to arrive in the Colony, in June 1829. Collie Street in Fremantle is named after him, as are also River Collie and the town of Collie. He was born in Aberdeenshire and died in Albany on his way from Perth to Sydney, of tuberculosis.

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On March 26 [1901] Sir John Forrest laid the foundation stone of the Trades Hall in Collie Street, the land having been given by the Government, who also made a substantial cash donation towards the building fund. The building was opened on June 23, 1904, by W. H. Carpenter, M.H.R., the first Labour [sic] representative for Fremantle in the Federal Parliament. Hitchock: 79.


The Oceanic Hotel, cnr Pakenham Street, was formerly known as the Welsh Harp Inn and the Collie Hotel. It was delicensed in 1922/1923 and became a boarding house. In 1975 it was still a boarding house until it was sold to the Orange People in 1981. After extensive renovations the building was converted into six apartments and opened under the name "Rivendell" in 1982.' Fremantle Library.

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