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South Fremantle

South Fremantle has always been part of the Fremantle local government area, tho it is a distinct suburb, bounded at the north by South Street and on the east by Hampton/Cockburn Road. It dips down a bit at the southern end to include the Fremantle Village trailer park.

Heritage hotels in the suburb are the Davilak and Seaview Hotels, both of which have been given new names for no good reason.

There was a Wesleyan (Methodist) church on the corner of Sheedy Street and the Mandurah Road, from 1898.

Florence Park is on the corner of Marine Terrace and what used to be Florence Street, which was named for Florence Jones. Florence married Alex Reid, after whom the Reid Library at UWA is named, and became Lady Florence.
Hollis Park, off Keeling Way and Hickory Street, South Fremantle, is named for Frederick Hollis; it was used as a dumping site from the 1920s/30s to 1959.
Wilson Park is named for J.E. Wilson, who was a Town Councillor 1921-1935.

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