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South Beach

Two views of South Beach: the sea side, and the new housing on the land side

There are three beaches at South Beach. A short northernmost beach is designated as being for dogs. The middle one, slightly longer, does not allow dogs, so by implication is for humans. This is from the southern end of the 'human beach'.

Then there's a much longer beach stretching southwards towards Antarctica with a sign saying DOG BEACH. Why do dogs have four times as much beach as us? It seems that many Australians might be more religious about their pets than about religion itself.

Oh, but you're wondering about the human in the shot. I'll ask her to turn around. There. She's standing on the groyne at the southern end of the human beach.

The housing being finished on the southern dog beach is only a path and a sandhill away from the beach.

This fencing is temporary, of course, but I do wonder if this will be fenced off from hoi polloi when the rich folks move in.

Looking at this, I think of Tennessee Williams's play Suddenly Last Summer.

Not a pretty sight, finished or not.

Here's where public carpark meets private accommodation.

It's one small beach for humans; two giant beaches for dogs.

Garry Gillard | New: 25 January, 2010 | Now: 13 October, 2019