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Some of the buildings saved with the help of the Fremantle Society

Fremantle Prison
Fremantle Railway Station, Elder Place
Warders Cottages, Henderson St
Fremantle Markets, South Terrace
Victoria Hall, High St
Evan Davies Library (Literary Institute), South Terrace
Fire Station, Phillimore St
Orient Hotel, High St
State Ships building, Short St
Dalkeith House, High St

prison gatehouse

Fremantle Prison (1855 gatehouse designed by Edmund Henderson). Photo from Wikipedia

train station

Fremantle Railway Station, 1907. Photo from Wikipedia.

warders cottages

Warders Cottages, Henderson St. Now being renovated. Photo from Google.


Fremantle Markets, Henderson St entrance. Photo from Wikipedia.

Victoria Hall

Victoria Hall, 179 High St, photo from the Wikipedia page

Fire Station

Old Fire Station, Phillimore St. Photo from Google.

Orient Hotel

Orient Hotel, High St, cnr Henry Street - my photo (during renovations: doors are boarded up).

state ships

Stateships building, now Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, Short St (named for Bishop Short, not because it's short). Photo from Google.

Dalkeith House

Dalkeith House, 160 High St

About the Fremantle Society

The Fremantle Society was established on 6 December 1972 mainly for the purpose of fighting for the preservation of Fremantle heritage.

The Society has a website which functions as an infrequent blog, and also a Facebook page.

References and Links

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