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Princess May Girls State School


In 1900 the girls shifted to the new school built on a site which had been reserved for the purpose in 1894. It received the name of the Princess May School in 1901, when the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York (later the King and Queen) visited Fremantle. Ewers, 109.

The girls 'shifted' from the Infants and Girls School in South Terrace. The Duchess Ewers refers to was to become Queen Mary, consort of George V. She was actually Princess Mary of Teck, but was known in the family as May, possibly because she was born in that month. Or not. According to a Fremantle History Society newsletter, April 2018, the School did not take the Princess's name until 1935.

The building is at 18 Cantonment St in Princess May Park—which it shares with the Boys School and Clancy's Fish Pub—which used to be the Household Management aka Domestic Science Centre of the girls school.

princess may

Photo thanks to Steven Doig.

The building is now used by the Fremantle Education Centre, the mission of which is stated on its website as follows:

FEC is a not for profit organisation returning all our resources to the community. The Centre helps organisations and individuals to focus on their future needs and aspirations. We provide consultancy services for an eclectic array of local, national and international programs that support and improve learning. Our vision is to alleviate poverty and helplessness through being recognised as a community leader in nurturing individuals to reach their potential. Our mission is to empower individuals to contribute to community and quality of life.

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See also the long article by Joe Fisher on the Clancys page.

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