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beaconsfieldBeaconsfield Primary (1894, 1898, 1913-14 - until 1978) Hampton & Lefroy Rds; now the Fremantle-Peel Education Office

Beehive Montessori School is near the sea on or adjacent to the former Leighton shunting yards at 2 Curtin Avenue, Mosman Park.

boysschool Boys School, Adelaide St, 1854

Catholic Convent Girls School, 1889, aka St Patrick's Hall, 3 Parry Street, demolished, now the site of St Patrick's Care Centre.

Challenger Institute of Technology, formerly Challenger TAFE, many campuses including Fremantle Technical College Maritime Studies (e-Tech), 41 South Terrace, formerly Fremantle Technical School (1903)

Christian Brothers College, Ellen St

Community School (Fremantle) was an alternative secondary school 1973-1983, in St Mary's Church, North Fremantle, Dalkeith House, High Street, and then the North Fremantle Town Hall.

East Fremantle Primary (Plympton School), 1898, Marmion/Forrest Streets Fremantle

Family School. I'm told there was a small alternative school in Fremantle with this name. Anyone know anything about when and where it might have been?

Fremantle College is at the former South Fremantle High School site. Education minister Peter Collier announced 15 Dec 2014 that Hamilton Hill and SFHS would be merged to form Fremantle College, the new school to include a gifted and talented selective academic program, the South Fremantle campus upgraded at cost of $30m. The new College opened in 2018 and will be an independent public school. No change to John Curtin HS aka College of the Arts.

South Fremantle High School (1967) has become part of Fremantle College.

Hamilton Hill High School has been closed and become part of Fremantle College, and the property sold.

Fremantle Grammar SchoolFremantle (boys) Grammar School, 1885. The same building was also used as Girton College (for girls), and as an LDS (Mormon) church.

Fremantle Primary, Brennan St, now occupies the block bounded by Brennan, Alma, Attfield, and Stevens Streets.

The Fremantle Intermediate School was built in 1904. In 1927 it was renamed South Terrace State School (ie, primary school). The buildings continue to exist as Block A of Fremantle Hospital; in 1987 they were used as the Day Care Centre at the NW corner of the complex.

Fremantle Infants School (ie, kindergarten), aka Alma St Infants, was on the NE corner of Alma St and South Terrace; where the corner of Fremantle Hospital with the Emergency Dept was until it was closed in 2014.

Both of the older schools were referred to from 1952 as South Terrace Primary School, and that name was retained for the new school in Brennan St (built in 1961 on the site of the former Alma St Cemetery) until another change in 2000 to Fremantle Primary School.

Girton College, 200 High St

Hazel Orme Kindergarten, 96 Samson St, White Gum Valley; opened 1932 in Price St, according to Ewers: 137.

girlsschoolInfants and Girls School, South Terrace. The building is now part of Challenger TAFE.

John Curtin College of the Arts, formerly John Curtin High School, built 1954-58, is on East Street between Ellen, Vale/Finnerty, and Ord Streets. The land that it's on was granted in 1879 to the people of Fremantle for a public park, but was requisitioned first by the Defence Department and then, opportunistically by the Education Department, and so lost by the people. The school's playing field was formerly the Skinner St Cemetery, and the remains of hundreds of people are still below the ground there.

King St School, Plympton

Lance Holt School, 10 Henry St

northfremantlepsNorth Fremantle Primary School (former), 101 Stirling Highway, at the junction with Albert Rd, 1894.

North Fremantle Primary School (present), 30 John St

Notre Dame University

Our Lady of Carmel, 82 Collick Street, Hilton, 1997

Port School was an alternative secondary school which began in Leake Street in central Freo, and then moved to a squash courts building in Carrington Street Hamilton Hill, now 62 Wheeler Road.

princessmayPrincess May School, 1900

Richmond Primary, 1921, 37 Windsor Rd East Fremantle

sacredheartSacred Heart Convent, Riverview, Tuckfield St, 1889

St Patrick's Primary School at 8 Ellen brings together the former St Joseph's Girls School, Parry St, and the Maristella Kindergarten in Hampton Road. The Parry St school building now serves as the St Patrick's Parish Centre.

Seton Catholic College was established in January 1990 as a secondary school of the Archdiocese of Perth. It is a college founded on the traditions and experience of the two pre-existing schools from which it was developed - St Brendan's College, established in 1964 by the Society of African Missions, and De Vialar College, established by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition in 1968 from their previously existing St Joseph's School in Parry St, established in 1855.

Spearwood Alternative School is a government-run alternative primary school at 370 Rockingham Rd, Hamilton Hill.

Waldorf School is a Steiner-inspired primary school at 14 Gwilliam Drive, Bibra Lake.

White Gum Valley Primary, 1901, 29 Hope St, occupies the block bounded by Hope, Montreal, Watkins, and Wood Streets.

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