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Infants and Girls School

What is now part of the Maritime Studies TAFE in South Terrace was built in 1878 as the Infants and Girls School. After the opening of the South Terrace Primary School (1904?) and Princess May Girls [high] School (1900), the girls were moved there. One of the teachers there was Mary Ann Pengelly (1854-1863).

girls school

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girls school

Fremantle Library Local History Collection photo no. 792B, F.S. Sharr, 1972. This section of the Fremantle Technical School was originally the Fremantle Infants and Girls School. The foundation stone was laid by Lady Ord on 5.12.1877. A procession of 700 children led by Patrick Fay's Volunteer Band marched to the school for the opening.

girls school

Fremantle Library Local History Collection photo #E000255, Skip Watkins, 1985. Former Infants' and Girls' School - a single storey, semi-dressed stone building with tiled roof. In some places stonework is carved for decoration. Large windows accentuated by dressed stone surrounds. Central to the building and facing South Terrace is a small portico with a parapet roof. This signifies the main entrance. This building is sited adjacent to the Fremantle Technical College (two storey building) which is included as a separate entry in the Register of Heritage Places.

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