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Fremantle Primary School

aka South Terrace Primary School etc.

The current Fremantle Primary, Brennan St, now occupies the block bounded by Brennan, Alma, Attfield, and Stevens Streets.

The Fremantle Intermediate School was built in 1904. In 1927 it was renamed South Terrace State School (ie, primary school). The buildings continue to exist as Block A of Fremantle Hospital; in 1987 they were used as the Day Care Centre at the NW corner of the complex.

Fremantle Infants School (ie, kindergarten), aka Alma St Infants, was on the NE corner of Alma St and South Terrace; the corner of Fremantle Hospital with the Emergency Dept was until it was closed in 2014.

Both of the older schools were referred to from 1952 as South Terrace Primary School, and that name was retained for the new school in Brennan St (built in 1961 on the site of the former Alma St Cemetery) until another change in 2000 to Fremantle Primary School.

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