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St Patrick's Hall

Catholic Convent Girls School, 1889, aka St Patrick's Hall, 3 Parry Street, demolished, now the site of St Patrick's Care Centre. The school may have been known as St Joseph's Girls School, having been established by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition. As far as I can tell, the Girls School and the Hall were the same building. The Hall was sometimes used for entertainments, for example by the Innisfail Theatre Company.

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Heritage Council Register Entry

Statement of Significance
Former Roman Catholic Convent Girls' School, has historic significance as part of the story of development of the Catholic Education system. It has social significance to the Catholic community.
The former Roman Catholic Convent Girls School opened in 1889. A report in the West Australian on 23rd of October 1889 praises the workmanship of WH Fitzgerald and sons.
In 1970 the building became St Patricks Care Centre opened by Brother Hannick at Parry St Hall.
This place was identified by the Fremantle Society in 1979/80 as being of cultural heritage significance. (Coded: Red: "Significantly contributing to the unique character of Fremantle")
Physical Description
DEMOLISHED- retained on MHI database for historical information purposes only.

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