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Boys School

The Fremantle Boys School (1854) is in Adelaide St on what is now the Princess May Reserve. The school was designed by William Ayshford Sanford, Colonial Secretary 1852-1855, and was built by convict labour between February 1853 and 1854, with additions in 1910. It was upgraded to a high school in 1947, and closed as a school in 1958, when John Curtin High School opened. The Headmaster 1863-1889 was George Bland Humble (1839-1930), who also served as Clerk of the Town Council 1874- and Town Clerk 1883-1904.

boys school

The Film and Television Institute, FTI, including its cinema, was the tenant from 1971. (It was formerly PIFT, the Perth Institute for Film and Television.) In 2014 the building was closed for renovations, and FTI moved to the Arts Precinct in Perth. The building has been let to DADAA, together with the Fremantle Foundation, and was reopened as such 3 November 2016. DADAA is an acronym for Disability in the Arts, Disadvantage in the Arts + A (?). It came from 21 Beach St (next to The Kiosk).


This c. 1910 photo from the Fremantle History Centre shows the school buildings with iron roofing. In 2015 the roof was replaced, with galvanised iron sheeting, tho the material before that looked like slate shingles.

FHC photo #1771, from a postcard produced for the Fremantle News Agents Association. This photograph was taken before the additions in 1911 of a science room and office. Taken before 1910.


< Cover of a School magazine from 1936, showing the crest and motto: PLAY THE GAME. (SLWA)

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