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Swan River


In about 2006, I set off on the project of 'circling' the Swan River. The idea was to travel along the southern side of the riverbank from Fremantle (where I live) to Perth, cross at the Narrows (Point Belches) and come back along the northern side. I meant to take enough photographs to give some idea of the territory and scenery along the way. At that time, I had an electric bicycle with a range limited by its battery, so I would drive to the next section with the bike folded up in the car, park, ride the section, taking some snaps, and return, and continue another day. I got as far as Canning Bridge. ... I also started from the North Fremantle side and did a short section. ... But now I've given the bike away. It's too dangerous.

In addition to the documentation of that rather unsatisfactory 'project', you'll find in the index on this page links to various other bits of the riverscape and places along it.

'Circling' the river: East Fremantle | Melville | North Fremantle


Thanks to the late Matthew Dwyer and the Fremantle Herald for the photo above, which he took shortly after Dome took over the former Oyster Beds/Red Herring.

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