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Hotels Quiz

All of the answers to these questions may be found on this website.

1. Why is the National Hotel so called?

2. Which is the oldest hotel in Fremantle still trading in the same building?

3. Which hotel is on the site of the premises which accommodated the first transported convicts when they arrived unexpectedly in 1850?

4. Which hotel was the (drinking) Kiwi headquarters for the Americas Cup defence in 1987, with Steinlager on tap?

5. In which hotel was the escape of some Fenian prisoners planned?

6. The easier questions about the Hougoumont Hotel are: what two events does the name recall? The earlier one?

7. And the later one?

8. The slightly harder question about the Hougoumont Hotel - tho it might be the other way around for older Fremantle people - is: what purpose did the older part of the building most recently serve previously?

9. What is the hotel towards the end of the South Fremantle tramline (in the Mandurah Road, now South Terrace), and how did it get its strange name (now changed - one hopes temporarily)?

10. Which two hotels were originally named after lodges (friendly societies) and when were they both changed?


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