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Mount Eliza

Mount Eliza (Mooro Katta, Kaarta Garup, Gargatup) is named for the wife of the (1825-31) Governor of NSW, General Ralph Darling. It overlooks Perth city from the northeast. Below it, to the southwest, is the eastern end of Matilda Bay, the former Swan Brewery, the site of the Mt Eliza Depot (right), and the Kennedy Fountain (Goonininup), in a small park which, tho separate from the mount, has no unique name, being considered to be part of Kings Park.

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Lyon, Robert Menli [Robert Lyon Milne] 1833, ‘A glance at the manners and language of the Aboriginal inhabitants of Western Australia with a short vocabulary’, Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal, 30 March 1833: 52. The second part [of four?] of the article was published in Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal, 20 April 1833: 63-4, and is the source for names Gargatup and Goonininup above. Many of the first people's names for places above come from this source.

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