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This started as a list derived from John Dowson's 2003 book (qv infra, see esp. 12-15), which is as much about photographers as it is about Old Fremantle. I've added some of the photographers of the present day.


Arnold T. Beste

He was an immigrant from Germany who arrived c. 1905.

He is the subject of John Dowson's book Old Fremantle Childhood, 2006.

Alfred Osborne Charlton was a prominent portrait photographer before dying of influenza in 1919 aged 37.

Alfred Chopin

Denis Dease (1869-1959) was a significant Perth photographer.

Glen Cowans

Glen Cowans, specialist in underwater photography, has a gallery in the pilot cottage on Arthur Head next to the Round House.

'… here nature itself has been the artist and I have simply attempted to capture and reproduce as accurately as possible, nature’s masterpieces in a form that can be accepted and admired above water. ... These images intend to show ... the minute detail of coral, fragile tube worms and anemones or the patterns of fish scales and fins ...'.

George Davidson worked 1910-60 for shipping company McIlwraith McEacharn in the building known as Scottish House in Phillimore Street. He took photos of and from the building which are important social documents.

steve doig

Steve Doig

A member of a famous Fremantle football family, Steve is a professional photographer and freelance web designer.

matthew dwyer

Matthew Dwyer was well known for his wonderful wildlife photography, of birds especially, and for his journalistic work in the Fremantle Herald, but he was able to take on any kind of photographic and, latterly, video work.

He died as the result of a fall from Bluff Knoll 1/2 October 2019, aged 51. It was a place with which he was familiar, and where he loved to be.

Samuel Scriven Evans, American dageuerrotypist, arrived 1853, first studio at Castle Hotel; nothing has survived

Frederick Flood moved to Western Australia from England in 1912. In 1919 he was employed by West Australian Newspapers mainly preparing artwork for advertisements but his talent was recognised and he became a full-time photographer for the newspaper. For the next forty years he painted, drew and photographed people, buildings and rural scenes in Western Australia and recorded a unique insight into the lives of West Australians.

Saxon Fogarty. Born in Perth in 1908, he joined the RAN at the age of 18, and served on HMAS Australia [II], the destroyer Voyager [I], and cruiser HMAS Canberra [I]: but along with his interest in photography, he also had another life: aviation. A licensed pilot, he was eventually sent to the RAF during the war, and ended up flying reconnaissance aircraft off the King George V battleships. After the war he returned to Australia and for a time has established a photographic studio in Fremantle in the late 1940s. But the pull of the sea must have been strong. In his 40s he joined the Merchant Marine and served on a large number of merchant vessels. And from there, he disappears from our view. source


Roger Garwood is Fremantle's senior photographer. He was born on a Thames barge, and studied engineering, but turned to photography, working in John Searle Austin's studio in London. His interest in photo-reportage led to him becoming a freelance photographer, working for Stern, Bunte, Jasmin, and the Saturday Evening Post, before joining the staff of Paris Match. He came to Fremantle on holiday in 1974 and stayed, becoming an Australian citizen in 1978. He has since been involved in the production of a dozen books.

Stuart Gore (1905-1984) was born in Portsmouth, England, in 1905 and came to Australia with his parents at the age of three. An inquisitive boy in short pants with a 00 Primo, he began hanging around the photographic studios of the likes of Nixon, Orloff and Lang in Fremantle. Eventually he was invited inside to learn more. In 1923, after a short time in England, Stuart opened his own little photography establishment in Market Street Fremantle. (Text from SLWA)


Frank Hurley (1885-1962) was an Australian photographer and adventurer. He participated in a number of expeditions to Antarctica and served as an official photographer with Australian forces during both world wars.

George Keane

Michal Levi


Roel Loopers, noted blogger, former Round House guide, and former president of the Fremantle Society, records changing Fremantle.


Charles Millington Nixon provided the photographs for Hitchcock's History. He was in partnership with Henry Merilees. David Hutchison writes that 'the photographer Charles Nixon had his studios [at 97-99 High St, the Bousfield building] from 1901'. Melba Studios were advertised as being in High Street.


Izzy Orloff, 1891-1983, Jewish Ukrainian immigrant

David Dare Parker took the photographs for The Clubs with text by Ron Davidson, FotoFreo, 2010. He was one of the founders of FotoFreo.

Frank Peterson

Alfred Pickering was active in at least the last decade of the 19th century in Fremantle and Perth. SLWA has at least thirty of his photos in excellent condition.

Kylie Richardson


Bob Sommerville, also a graphic designer, travels a lot, and does some work for Fremantle Ports.


Alfred Hawes Stone was Chief of Police among other things, and also a keen photographer. He took valuable photographs of Manning's Folly, and Cliff St across the Fremantle Green, which are reproduced in Dowson 2003: 83, 95.


Stephen Montague Stout (1831-1886). An ex-convict who operated a boarding school for boys before taking up photography, his first studio was in Henry St. FHC mounted a exhibition of his work for the Heritage Festival 2016.

Skip Watkins lived in Fremantle in the 1970s-1980s. He left an archive of 1985 Fremantle images which the Fremantle City Library makes available online. He uses Leica cameras.


Peter Zuvela, born in East Fremantle, graduated with an Advanced Dip Photography from Perth TAFE in 1998. He has had two solo shows, exhibited in a large number of group shows, and worked as a freelance photographer/artist and teacher from the J Shed Art Studio on Bathers Beach in Fremantle WA.
Peter is combining his freelance photographic work with teaching photography part time at his studio at the J Shed Art Studio.

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