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Sarah Woodward

There are two Sarah Woodwards in the (Excel file) register of burials. Both of them appear to be unmarried, with one being specifically said to be a spinster.

The register of burials show one as having died 1 May 1862, at 72, of 'old age'. She was buried by G.J. Bostock, and therefore was an Anglican. The other died 5 July 1866, aged 44, of 'Lungs Cons. of' - which I presume means tuberculosis. She's the 'spinster'. She was also buried by Bostock.

The older Sarah Woodward may have been reinterred in Fremantle Cemetery at Anglican MON AA1652, but at least her gravestone is there. There is no grantee shown for the gravesite, suggesting that the MCB itself decided that this gravesite should be where it is. The MCB record does not say whether Woodward was a maiden or married name: none of them do.

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MCB record.

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