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Alfred Waylen

Early settler who was granted Swan Location 74, now Alfred Cove (named after him).

WAYLEN, Alfred, b. 1805, d. 29.8.1856 (Pt. WaIter, buried Guildford), arr. 17.1.1830 per Skerne from Capetown, m. c.1833 (Sth Africa) Mary Ann Agnes b. 1803 d. 16.5.1883 (London). Chd. Alfred b. 1833 (Pt. Walter) d. 1901, Sarah Constance b. 1835 (Swan) and another dtr. He left for Cape of Good Hope 2.7.1831 per Nimrod & returned with his wife 18.6.1633 per Cornwallis. Original settler at Pt. Walter where he had an inn. Selected 36 acres & 784 acres Swan district 1830 & 12,513 acres at Toodyay in 1831. (This was sold to S.P. Phillips & E. Hamersley 1839). Visited Mauritius in 1835. Director of Agric. Soc. 1841. Wife & chd dep. for Eng. via Tasmania 28.2.1842 per Grotius to ensure their education. He dep. 1.2.1843 per Trusty. Sold much of his property by this time. After his return his Guildford house ,"Garden Hill", was sold 21.4.1853. Wife & family to Eng. 1.4.1862 per Dolphin.

Sarah Waylen, having returned to England (apparently via Calcutta in 1864), married in 1875 Frederic Drew, an assistant master at Eton College.

WAYLEN, Miss Sarah Constance, b. 1835 (Swan), dtr. of Alfred & Mary Ann Agnes, with parents made voyages to SA 1850s. She returned from SA 9.1.1860 per Champion. Mrs Waylen & family to Eng. 1.4.1862 per Dolphin. Miss Waylen to Calcutta 23.1.1864 per Lord Dalhousie, m. (Eng) 21.8.1875 Frederic DREW, assistant master at Eton College.

Alfred Waylen (Junior) trained as a medical doctor in England. Having returned to the colony, he was appointed Colonial Surgeon & principal Medical Officer.

WAYLEN (Dr). Alfred Robert, b. 1833 (WA), d. 10.1.1901, son of Alfred & Mary Ann Agnes, m. 1st 20.11.1862 Elizabeth Louisa BARDEY b. 6.9.1842 d. 11.10.1885, dtr. of John Wall, m. 2nd 2.6.1887 (Perth C/E) (Lady) Louisa LEAKE widow of Sir Luke. Educ. in Eng. 1843-1856 & studied for medicine, MRCS & LSA by 1858. Practised at Guildford 1859-1872. Then until 1908 was the Colonial Surgeon & principal Medical Officer in WA. President of Medical Bd. & Bd. of Health. Member of Aborigines Protection Board, Buildford Town council, Rooyal Agr. Soc. Pioneer vigneron & Pres. of Swan Vine & Fruitgrowers Assoc. & Horticultural Soc: of WA Turf Club: Gov. of Perth High SchooL Visited England with wife 1874. Empl.oyed 14 T/L men on occasions 1866-1879. JP in 1863. Commemorated in 1979 by a brass plaque in Perth pavement for year 1878 .

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Cooper & McDonald 1989, A City for All Seasons: The Story of Melville, City of Melville - contains a very full account of the elder Alfred Waylen's life.


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