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Albert Trivett

Captain Trivett was a Fremantle Pilot from 1920-1943 and Harbourmaster 1943-1953. In 2000, Fremantle Pilots returned to take up residence again in one of the original Pilot Cottages at Arthur Head, 12 Captain's Lane, which was occupied by Captain Albert Trivett and his family for 60 years from 1926 to 1985. The cottage was ideally located for Fremantle Pilots being a short walk from the Pilot boat at Corkhill Landing. There was also a unique historical connection to the building as it was one of only two original Pilot cottages within Australia still utilised for its original purpose.

Unfortunately, in 2013 Fremantle Council, custodian of the Pilot Cottages, took the regrettable decision that Arthur Head was to become an arts precinct and requested Fremantle Pilots that find new premises for its operations, thus dissolving one of the last remaining significant historical connections between a Pilot service and their original premises in Australia. Fremantle Pilots relocated to 1 Quarry Street in the east end of Fremantle in September 2013.

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