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Alfred Hawes Stone

Alfred Stone arrived from Kent in the colony 12 October 1829, on board the Caroline. As a solicitor, he was almost immediately made a JP by Stirling, and then appointed as Sheriff and High Constable of the Colony in March 1831, which meant he was the equivalent of Police Commissioner for Western Australia. He moved on to the position of Registrar of the Civil Court and eventually another eight public positions. He was appointed Chief of Police again 1857-58.

But it is for his photography that he is now perhaps chiefly remembered. The State Library has digitised two (or 3-4?) albums of his photos, which may be seen on the Library site. He took the valuable photo across the Fremantle Green reproduced in Dowson 2003: 83, and the photograph of Manning's Folly which is reproduced everywhere (Dowson 2003: 95).

His daughter Fanny married George Hampton, son of the unpopular Governor John Hampton, in 1868, on which occasion Stone presented her with the second photograph album noted below.

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SLWA blog entry

SLWA catalog entry for Stone album, originally given to son Wm Alfred Stone, later property of Dorothy Croft, donated to SLWA in 1976; catalog no. 6923B (204 photographs)

SLWA catalog entry for another Stone album, originally given to Fanny (Stone) Hampton, also later property of Dorothy Croft, digitised by SLWA in 2015; catalog no. 6909B (146 photographs)

SLWA catalog entry for another Stone album, catalog no. 3245B (39 photographs; not available online)

SLWA catalog entry for another Stone album, catalog no. 353B (100 photographs; not available online) "Album containing portraits of well known personalities in Western Australia from ca. 1860-1880"

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