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Oscar Stack BEM

FCC 1976

In this photo of the FCC in 1976 (FHC #1080) Oscar Stack is sitting on the right-hand end of the front row. The Fremantle Library caption includes the identification of people in the photo, as follows.

Back row, from left: F Del Rosso; K J Gleeson; R E Higham; Mark I Staniford; Peter W Newman; R A Cotton; J A Cattalini; Donald Whittington; J A Minervini; R B Warren. Front row: G McGill; J Boddy; Les C Lauder; S M Stone; William A McKenzie (Mayor); A Whittington; J Sowden; E K Fletcher; Oscar F E Stack.

Oscar Stack was a member of the Fremantle City Council in 1967, and his name was given to the street which would have continued Fothergill St up to Montreal St, had it not been interrupted by the rocky outcrop above the Stevens St reserve and the tanks of the bunkering service, not to mention an electricity sub-station. Oscar Stack was the pastor of the Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormon, LDS) which 1945-1988 used the former Fremantle Grammar School building at 200 High St.

Oscar Stack was the minister at a church opposite the Monument and he also had a barber's shop. He had a beautiful voice and he had a barbershop quartet. The four of them used to go around and sing in the hospital wards on Sunday afternoons after visting hours ended at 4pm.
Malcolm Yates [born 1936] in 'Fifty years on', in Karen Lang & Jan Newman 2004, Wharf Rats and Other Stories: 100 Years of Growing up in Fremantle, FPS: 182.


It's ironical that Oscar Stack's name was also given to the Avenue which runs next to one of the RC sections in the Fremantle Cemetery, given that he was a Mormon Pastor.

Oscar Stack was a foundation member of the Fremantle Society.

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