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Horrie Sholl

Horatio William "Horace" Sholl (8 April 1851 – 8 November 1927) was an Australian pastoralist and politician in Western Australia. He served in the Legislative Council for a brief period in 1888, and was later a member of the Legislative Assembly from 1891 to 1897. ...
Sholl was re-elected at the 1894 and 1897 general elections, but left parliament at the 1901 election. He eventually retired to Peppermint Grove, a riverside suburb of Perth. Sholl died there in 1927, aged 76. He had married Jessie Cave in 1884, with whom he had three sons and seven daughters. Two of his sons-in-law, Thomas Davy and Hubert Parker, were also member of parliaments.

A swag of Nor-Westers made their way to Peppermint Grove and Cottesloe after making fortunes in pearling and sheep. Horrie Sholl had been a pearler at Roebourne and a settler at Yule River: he brought his family down from the North-West to live at Peppermint Grove because he saw that it would be possible to accommodate a family of six there. After living in one of the old seven or eight roomed wooden houses that pre-dated the subdivision (it had its own well), the Sholls built Weerianna at 72 Leake Street. The house had a single-storey limestone section built first, before the family moved in, then a double-storey section shortly afterwards, and it sat on five acres at the corner of Leake Street and The Esplanade. The family prospered, eventually numbering ten, and a son-in-law joked that he was starting a club for those who maried Sholl girls. The wooden part of the property was demolished a year after Horrie's death. (59-60)

The Sholl house, Weerianna, nd (from Pascoe), still extant.

In 2021, the land on this southern (river) side of the property appears to have been sold, and a new house is being built on it.

SHOLL, Horatio William, b. 8.4.1852 (Perth), d. 8.11.1927, 4th son of Robert John & Mary Ann, m. 1883 (Perth) Jessie CAVE b. 1864 (Roebourne) d. 1943, dtr. of Henry (of London). Chd. Jessle b. 1884, Mary Frances b. 1885 d. 1971, CIara b. 1887 d. 1975, Ada Edith b. 1889, Penelope Ethel b. 1891, Horace Edwin b. 1893 d. 1977, Treverton Frank b. 1894 d. 1965, Leslie William b. 1897 d. 1954, Grace Pretoria b. 1900, Maude Irene b. 1905. North West. Master pearler, pastoralist, mining propr. in partnership with brother Robert Frederick. Retired Perth 1890. JP 1880: MLC North Prov. apptd 6.1888. MLA Roebourne 1.1891-4, 1901. Made several voyages to the South of the colony.

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