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Mary Ann Pengelly

Diane Oldman:
Mary Ann Pengelly nee Hailbeau, b. 1791, arrived on the Gilmore with her husband John Richard Pengelly and their young children Elizabeth Ann and John Richard. Mrs Pengelly most likely assisted with the welfare of the girls on Clarence Beach [at the settlement south of Woodman Point established by Thomas Peel]. From 1838 to 1846 she ran her own 16-pupil school in Fremantle and was later appointed Mistress of the government school in Fremantle for Girls and Infants (1854-1863). Mary Ann Pengelly died in 1863, less than two months after her husband. (Oldman, 2004)

PENGELLY, John Richard, b. 1786, d. 27.9.1863, arr. 15.12.1829 per Gilmore with wife & chd. m. (UK) Mary Ann HAILBEAU b. 1791 d. 14.11.1863 (Frem). Chd. Elizabeth Ann b. 1826, John Richard b. 1828, chd. b. 1832, William Henry b. 1833, Ella Catherine b. 1835, Arthur b. 1837. Peel confiscated his goods illegally. He went to Fremantle & worked as a carpenter. His wife ran a school with 16 pupils in 1846 & was appointed Mistress of Govt. School at Frem for Girls & Infants 1854-1863. (Erickson)

PENGELLY, John Richard, b. 15.11.1828 (Eng), d. 15.1.1902 (Geraldton), son of John Ricbard , arr. 15.12.1829 per Gilmore with parents, m. 2.9.1857 (Frem) Emily SPENCER b. 1.3.1839 (Canning) d. 8.5.1917 (Claremont), dtr. of Charles Phillip & Elizabeth (nee Weston). Chd. James b. 1858 d. 1858, Emma b. 1859 d. 1860, Charity Ella b. 1860 d. 1884 (measles, Geraldton), Em11y Rose b. 1862 d. 1950, Selina Eliz.abeth b. 1864 d. 1925, Alice Maude b. 1867 d. 1902, Edith Ellen b. 1869, Char1es John b. & d. 1870, William Arthur b. 1872, Ada Winifred bp. 1874 (Dongara) d. 1875, Ethel May b. 1876 d. 1943, Malvinia Constance b. 1879, Bertha Ellice b. 1880 d. 1949. Fremantle Town Lot 1862, Clerk, storeman. Member Oddfellows 1857 (Frem). To Geraldton & was Parish Clerk 1874. His wife a housekeeper. Appointed Clerk of Courts 1880s & Bailiff 1883. Qualified as juror 1860 with £50 real estate. (Erickson)

PENGELLY, William Arthur, b. 25.12.1872, son of John Richard & Emily (nee Spencer), m. 3.4.1895 Ellen PARKYN b. 1873, d. 9.3.1942, dtr. of Charles & Elizabeth who arr. 30.6.1875 per Chalgrove. Chd. Charles Arthur Stanley b. 1896 d. World War I, Sylvia Grace Constance b. 1899, Edna May Ellice b. 1903, Marjorie, Stanley. Messenger to Railway Officer (1885 Alm) Geraldton. (Erickson)

Arthur Pengelly b. 1837, son of the first John Richard, married Bridget Burgess in the Wesleyan Chapel, Perth, 28 February 1860. He was 22, she 21. According to the marriage certificate, he was a carpenter, like his father. She was a servant (and illiterate). His father, John Richard, is said to be cabinet maker. The bride's father, John Burgess, is said to be a judge, so it is surprising that his daughter could not sign her own name.
The celebrant signed the form as Samuel Hardey - no doubt one of the pioneer Wesleyan Hardey family of Peninsula Farm Maylands.
One of their daugters was named Mary Ann after her grandmother.

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Personal communication from Michelle Melson, descendant of the second Mary Ann Pengelly: thank you!

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