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James PearseJames Glyde Pearse

James Pearse (1842-27.02.1920) was the son of William and Susannah Pearse (nee Glyde). He married Jessie Alice Armstrong on 23.02.1874 in Fremantle and they had ten children. James established a boot factory and tannery in North Fremantle in 1871. He was a Member of the Fremantle Municipal Council from 1884 to 1895 and a North Fremantle Councillor from 1895 to 1898 and from 1912 to 1917. He was Mayor of North Fremantle from 1898-1901. Fremantle Library Local History Collection #3808 >

The Heritage Council, in its entry for Mason's Hall in Pearse St, has it that the founder of the Pearse boot factory was George Pearse (1839-). I think in fact it was the business of three of the Pearse brothers: George, James, and Francis (1847-). See the Heritage Council entry for Hillcrest.

pearsejgGlyde St gets its name from the Pearse family. William Silas Pearse's [the first's] wife's full name was Susannah (or Susanah) Hallett Glyde.

James Glyde Pearse married Jessie Alice Armstrong in 1874. Their daughter Jessie May Pearse married Arthur Turton 14 May 1902 in the Johnston Memorial Church.

Fremantle Library Local History Collection photo (Crown Studio) #1857 >

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