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George Pearse

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George Pearse (1839-1914) was the second son of William [Silas] Pearse (1808-1866) the patriarch of the clan in WA. He was a member of the Town Council (under his father's chairmanship) 1871-72 and 1875-82, and founder of the Pearse shoe and boot factory in Swan Street, North Fremantle. This was the business of three of the Pearse brothers: George, James, and Francis (1847-1919). See the Heritage Council entry for Hillcrest.

This George married Eliza Hawkins, and had a son whom he named George Ernest Pearse [1878-1946] - who was also an significant person, especially in East Fremantle, so the two may be confused.

The elder George Pearse lived in a substantial 1911 Pearse family home at 56 Harvest Road North Fremantle, c. 1911-1918.

References and Links

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Many thanks to Rob Ward for an invaluable, comprehensive genealogy of the Pearse family. page, with names and dates of children of the patriarch

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