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Walter and Elizabeth Pace

PACE, (Capt) Walter M, Captain of Medina, arr. 6.7.1830 & returned per Ann 1832 followed by his wife & 3 chd 19.4.1834 per Quebec Trader. m. Elizabeth b. 1792 d. 5.1874 (Vic). Chd. Jane b. 1818, Mary Ann b. 1824/5, son E. b. 1826, ?son, Mary Elizabeth d. 1860 (SA). Formerly in service of East India Co. Trader at Frem. Selected 5,000 acres in Avon district & 12 acres in Swan district in 22.2.1831. Master of Monkey trading with Mauritius & East Indies. His wife was licensee of "Crown & Thistle Hotel", leased to P. Marmion 1837. She conducted a store at Frem. with assistance of her dtrs. Shareholders in Frem. Whaling Co. Mrs Pace visited her dtrs in Eastern Australia in 1845. (Erickson)

Hitchcock records that Walter Pace was granted Lots 45 and 46, site of Mrs Pace's hotel, the Crown and Thistle (now the site of the P&O Hotel).

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