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Abraham Orloff (1891-1983) known as Izzy, was a photographer who worked in Fremantle.

He was born in Ukraine in 1891. His family left there in 1903, first for Palestine, and then, in 1910, to Fremantle, where he worked as a carriage-maker (in Claremont) and then a peddler.

During the first War he worked in Intelligence as a translator, from Russian and German. As soon as he could, he left for Paris, where his sister was a sculptor, and trained as a photographer. Back in Fremantle, he had studios at 133 High St, in the Manning Buildings, and then 155, in one of the buildings which no longer exist east of the Town Hall.

orloff selfieHe was a Freemason, a founder of the Caledonian Lodge, and was active in the assistance of migrants, meeting ships and helping people with advice in seven languages. He retired in 1960.

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