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newmanEdward Newman

Edward Newman (1832-1872) arrived in Western Australia in 1851 under the auspices of Gibson, Murray, Dyett & Co. He later joined Cornish & Paterson, and was Manager of merger firm T & H Carter & Co. Between 1866 and 1867 he was on the Fremantle Town Trust. Newman was a member for Fremantle in the first elective Parliament (1870-1872). He was on the Fremantle Municipal Council in 1872. FHC.

Edward Newman, principal of the old-time firm of T. and H. Carter and Company, was a man of brilliant intellect, and in 1870 he, with W. D. Moore, was elected as one of Fremantle’s two representatives in the first elective Parliament. He was an extremely able debater and speedily made his mark as a legislator. But for his untimely death in 1872, he would undoubtedly have attained to eminence in the political arena. He was always in the forefront of any movement calculated to benefit Fremantle. Hitchcock, JK 1929, The History of Fremantle, The Front Gate of Australia 1829-1929, Fremantle City Council: 107. Photo also from Hitchcock.

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