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William Frederick Nairn

Nairn Street is named after him.

NAIRN, (Major) WiIliam Frederick. b. 1767 d. 8.6.1853 (Frem), arr. 28.12.1831 per Egyptian, dep. for Tasmania & returned 7.4.1832 per Merope with stock. His wife arr. 1.1839 per Brothers. Daughters by first marriage arr. 2.1.1840 per Westmoreland. Twice married. Children: (1st wife) Jane b. 1801 d. 1878, Eliza b. 1798/1803 d. 1867 (Frem), (2nd wife), William Edward b. 1811 d. 1869. Farmer & pastoralist in Canning district, he bought Phillips' "Maddington". Bought Aranzau in 1833 for trading with Mauritius. Mrs Nairn went to Tasmania 11.1848 per Waterlily to join her son. Returned to Fremantle. (Erickson)

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