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Frank Mofflin


Frank Mofflin was elected to the Fremantle City Council in 2019. He planned to run for mayor in 2021, but did not nominate, perhaps in order not to take votes away from the leading Labor candidate Hannah Fitzhardinge.

This is his pitch, as at 28 June 2021, from his Facebook page.

I put my hand up for Council in 2019 as it felt like a natural extension of the contribution I make to my community. This is the place which Jo, Georgia, Angie, Roisin and I call home, we love Freo. 
In 2021, I am putting my hand up to run for Mayor, I believe I have the skills and passion to work with our Council and other stakeholders to deliver a Fresh, Focused approach for Fremantle. 
I understand that our community needs to have confidence in our Council, the confidence that it will deliver community services and will focus on responsible financial management to ensure long term sustainability. 
We must foster relationships to help Fremantle grow and celebrate everything which is great. I am planning to grow this confidence and, if elected, leading an accessible and responsive Council. 
I am looking forward to the journey over the next few months and would love you to follow and share this page. 
Talk soon, Frank

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