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Theodore Krakouer

Theodore Krakouer arrived, convicted of theft, in 1851, on the Mermaid. Having got his ticket of leave, he worked with horses, was in business with Elias Lapidus (also an ex-convict convicted of receiving who had arrived on the Hashemy in 1850) and married Brina Israel (Lapidus married her sister Esther), with whom he had two sons, Rudolph and David. Their claim to fame is the establishment in 1893 of the Holland Track to the Goldfields from the end of the railway line at Broomehill, which involving surveying and clearing over 500km of virgin country.


Despite Rudolph Krakouer's being the main organiser and financier of the expedition, John Holland, who was also on the expedition, was later able to claim most of the credit, and the Track is named after him. The brothers married indigenous women, and ran a string of hotels from Collie to Norseman. The name lives on with some well-known football players who are among their descendants, notably Phil and Jim.

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Thanks to Wendy Antonovsky for the above data, and for assembling the image. I must add that a Lapidus descendant has informed me that neither Krakouer nor Lapidus were ever actually married to the sisters.

See also the Antonovskys' notes about the Krakouers in their Heritage Walk.

See also the page for Elias Lapidus.

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