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Keats family

The Keats family is probably most notable for the fact that 16/18-yr-old Williams Keats Jnr shot Yagan, the most notable Indigenous patriot at the time of colonisation, for the reward. His 'reward' was in fact to be speared to death. James, his brother, escaped. Aka Keites, Keates.

KEATS, William, b. 1792, arr. 15.12.1829 per Gilmore with wife Ann b. 1797 & 2 sons, James b. 1820 (India), William b. 1815 d. 1833 killed by Aborigines after the shooting of Yagan. Claimed to be a foreman mason in London. Fremantle publican at "Kings Arms" in 1833. "A character better known than respected", he was transported to Tasmania for plundering the wreck of the Cumberland (31.1.1835 Perth Gazette). His wife dep. 25.1.1836 per Giraffe. (see William KElTES).

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