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Lionel Holdsworth

Lionel Holdsworth (1826-1901) arrived in 1868 on the last convict ship, the SS Hougomont, a white-collar criminal, having been transported for insurance fraud (apparently): he scuttled his own ship, the Severn, having been a Liverpool shipowner. He was joined in 1879 by his wife Margaretta, who as a free immigrant was able to receive a grant of 50 acres of land, but died in 1886. Holdsworth was able to employ a ticket of leave man from 1876 in his business as a clerk and accountant. Braeside, at 50 (now 10-12) Stirling St was built for Holdsworth, who also built the houses at 12, 14, and 16 Ord St as rented investment properties. Holdsworth St is named after him: it joins Stirling St at the point where Braeside used to stand. (Seddon 2000: 62, 78, 85)

Margaretta and Lionel's 1886/1901 gravestone was brought from the Skinner St cemetery and may be seen on the Heritage Trail in Fremantle Cemetery, at (my number) #46.

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