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John Healy

John Healy came from Ireland, probably from Dublin. He had a large dairy farm called 'Winterfold', in the area indicated by the road of that name and owned much property between Spearwood and Fremantle. Healy Rd is parallel with Winterfold Rd. He also named Phoenix Rd after Phoenix Park in Dublin, where the assassination of the British Chief Secretary for Ireland occurred in 1882. Clontarf Rd was also apparently named by him after the suburb of Dublin. He was made a Police Constable in 1867. He was a life-long supporter of Home Rule for Ireland.
His 1890 house forms the original, central part of the former Portuguese Club Building at 2 Strang Street Beaconsfield. The Portuguese Club former website included this cutting from IC, Inside Cover, page 2 of the West Australian newspaper (nd).

healy farmhouse

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