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Cathy Hall

Fremantle History Society:
After leaving school Cathy Hall worked as a secretary before changing course to train as a nurse in Leeds, UK. She worked as a nurse there and then in Perth after she and partner Jon [Strachan] immigrated, although the physical hardships of the job eventually forced her to discontinue. However, the end of one phase of our lives generally heralds the beginning of another and Cathy spent the next forty years throwing her considerable energy into fighting for a vast range of causes. She fought against injustice to the marginalized, to women, to refugees. She was a strong advocate for reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. She practised and promoted sustainable development, permaculture, recycling, upcycling, defiantly challenging the inevitability of climate change.
Cathy completed a Bachelor of Arts in 1995 in Politics, Philosophy and Sociology, and a Masters Degree in 2016 in Sustainability and Climate Policy. Her desire to effect change and her efforts to do so were recognized when she was granted the Premier’s Active Citizenship Award in 2012.
Cathy loved her adopted Fremantle and an important part of the local culture for her was its history. She served as President of the Fremantle Society for a term and was on the committee of the Fremantle History Society from 2007 till 2020, thereafter an active member, always willing to volunteer at society events. She assisted with the rewriting of the constitution. She worked with other members of the Committee on various projects, including the Deck Chair Theatre archives. It was her tenacity and determination that saved the archives which are now held in the State Library of WA. FHS Newsletter, ed. Kristi McNulty, July 2022.

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