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Patrick and James Hagan

Patrick and James Hagan were born (James in 1833, Patrick c. 1835) in Omagh, County Tyrone, sons of James Hagan (a publican) and Mary McLaren.

Patrick Hagan married in Ireland and went to Fremantle. He was the first in the family to go to the goldfields where he apparently struck it rich, finding a nugget which made him enough money not only to buy the Victoria Hotel, but also to donate the Connemara marble altar stone to the new St Patrick's Basilica.

At the meeting of the Fremantle Licensing Court in December 1888, he was granted a general licence of the Victoria Hotel (later to become the existing P&O Hotel), which he owned. Patrick Hagan died in 1891 at 56, his wife Margaret having previously died in 1877, aged only 37. He left his considerable estate to his brother, which brought the latter to WA .

James had gone to Victoria, and married there in 1863. In 1892, he was granted a general publican's licence of the Victoria Hotel, and James Edward Hagan (his eldest son and second child) had the licence of the National Hotel, which his father and/or he had bought. James Edward returned to Victoria, and died there in 1932.

James sold both hotels in 1893 and went to the goldfields with most of his sons.

hagan tombstone

The tombstone of Margaret and Patrick Hagan in Fremantle Cemetery. As their burials predate the opening of the 'new' cemetery, they must have been interred in St Patrick's Cemetery, the RC section at Skinner St, where their remains continue to rest. The tombstone in the photo would have been removed with others in the 1930s and placed where I took the photograph, along the Heritage Trail that runs west-east through the middle of the cemetery. The memorial is almost the very last on the Trail, just near Wilson Drive.


James Hagan died in 1914, at which time he was resident in the Old Men's Home Claremont (later Sunset Hospital, Dalkeith) >

Mary Ellen Hagan buried Fremantle Cemetery CO187 in 1909 was the youngest child of James Hagan.

James Hagan's son Francis Hagan had four children, including actors Jennifer Hagan and James Hagan.

(There is a John ['Joannes'] Hagan on record as having been buried 28 July 1857, aged 47: but he is not from the same family. He was interred in St Patrick's Cemetery by Fr Thomas Lynch.)

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Thanks to family member Mary Sullivan who supplied many of the above details.

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