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Greg James Studio Workshop
and Lecture

Wednesday 28 March 2018

arkles1Jason Arkles lecture

The origins of Renaissance sculpture - how the figureĀ evolved from the Gothic tradition in Renaissance Italy

Jason Arkles, art historian and sculptor, details the actual and technical stylistic changes that occurred in figurative sculpture 600 years ago that transformed the art from little more than architectural decoration to the iconic beauty of the Florentine Renaissance.

Wednesday 28 March 7pm
Greg James Sculpture Studio and Gallery
$20.00 entry fee, refreshments provided

25-29 March 2018

arkles2Jason Arkles workshop

Jason Arkles, international sculptor, is currently conducting a five day workshop at the studio from Sunday March 25th to Thursday 29th March 9am to 4pm.

Photos of the March workshop



And finally, here's an international group working recently at the Greg James Sculpture Workshop, from left: French artist Corinne Meadmore-Berset, Jina Lee (South Korean artist), Wendy Low, Greg James, artist Lesley Barrett, Viktor Eszenyi (Australian-Hungarian artist) and Yuko Takahashi (Japanese artist).

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