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Greg James Gallery

Below are just a few examples of Greg’s collectable sculptures displayed in the gallery. Please contact us or visit the gallery for prices and availability.

Peaceful Facade





After Enu

Greg James about his studio and gallery in J Shed, near Bathers Beach: "I will be here for a while yet. So much more to do. I have a vision of a Sculpture Park in front of J Shed that includes a permanent collection, a venue for symposiums and a platform to showcase the work of emerging artists. I am hopeful that this will be seen as a more sensitive and community friendly use of this public open space than a massive tavern."


Greg James, sculptor. Studio 2, J Shed, Fleet St, Fremantle
Phone/fax: 61 [0]8 9335 5857
Email: greg@gregjamessculpture.com
Garry Gillard | New: 2 March, 2018 | Now: 21 March, 2018