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Greg James Public Art

As commissioned public art, Greg James' sculptures can be found throughout Western Australia and as far ranging as Ireland in the United Kingdom.

Bon Scott, Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, 2009, bronze, commissioned by Marcus Ahern & Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup

Pietro Porcelli, Kings Square, 1993, bronze, collaborators Michelle Guyton, Norma McDonald, commissioned by Pietro Porcelli Memorial Fund

Bishop Mathew Hale, Cloisters Square, St Georges Tce, 2008, bronze, commissioned by Old Haleians Association

The Dancer, Sir Lawrence Jackson Courtyard, University of WA, 1978-79, bronze, commissioned by Jackson McDonald Solicitors

John Septimus Roe: Surveyor, J.S. Roe Anglican Community School, Mirrabooka, 2009, bronze

Dom Salvado, Salvado Road, Subiaco, 2011, bronze, commissioned by Ear Science Institute Australia

The Fishermen, Fishing Boat Harbour, 2004, bronze, collaborator Jon Tarry, commissioned by Fremantle Fishermens Monument Trust

Aboriginal Family, Minim Cove, 1999, bronze, collaborators Michelle Guyton, Norma McDonald, commissioned by Scarlett Pictures' Confessions of a Head Hunter, then Town of Mosman Park

The Strike, Perth Mint, 1991, bronze, commissioned by Gold Corporation


Greg James, sculptor. Studio 2, J Shed, Fleet St, Fremantle
Phone/fax: 61 [0]8 9335 5857
Email: greg@gregjamessculpture.com
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