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Glover family

The Glover family arrived 23 August 1829 on the Marquis of Anglesea which was wrecked on arrival on the point at the southern end of Bathers Bay which was subsequently named Anglesea Point after the unfortunate ship. William and Lucy Glover were servants to Colonial Secretary Peter Broun (aka Brown), the second-most important person in the colony after the governor.

Lucy's piano ended up in pieces on the beach in the wreckage. Sculptor Greg James, a descendant of the Glovers, has created a bronze work called A Key Change for Lucy which was installed on rocks on Anglesea Point on the occasion of the show called Sculpture at Bathers, 2022.

GLOVER, William (John in Inquirer), b. 1795. d. 9.12.1880, arr. 23.8.1829 per Marquis of Anglesea with wife & 1 chd. & nephew, m. (UK) Lucy Palmer SMITH b. 1805 d . 21.4.1896 (Perth). Chd. Thomas b. 1823 (Eng), Richard b. 1825 d. 1869, Mary Ann b. 1829 d. 1831, Lucy b. 1831 d. 1835, Caroline b. 1833, Eliza Louisa b. 1835, Charles Anselm b. 1836 d . 1921, Lucy b. & d. 1839, Henry William b. 1840 d. 1862, Lucy Ellen b. 1842, Hannah Jane b. 1843, John James b. 1847, Richard Alfred b. 1849 (father's name Richard in error). Saddler. & labourer 1830s & 40s. Perth gardener. Bt. Perth Lot P.6/1865. Surburban Lot 16, 1867 .

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All photos by kind courtesy of Roel Loopers.


The type of piano Lucy owned was called a 'square piano', although they were rectangular. It may have had legs, though I believe they could also simply be placed on a table of suitable height. See the Wikipedia article.

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