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Alexander Francisco (1816- Xmas Day 1878) arrived in Fremantle from Scotland in 1840 with his first wife (d. 1851) and one child. He was a spirit merchant (having previously worked for Lionel Samson) and postmaster, and a member of the first Town Trust. The South Fremantle street was named for him. He owned the Crown & Thistle Hotel 1841-49. (There were two hotels of that name; those on their sites are now called the P&O and the Cleopatra.)

He would have been interred in the Skinner St Cemetery, but his tombstone (and possibly his remains, tbc) have been brought to the Carrington St Cemetery as his second wife, Julia, did not die until after it was established. juliaAnother stone on the same grave records the deaths of children Edward (1856, 6 months), Ada (1859, 11 months), and Charles (1866, 9 yrs).

Library photo #3318, 1913: Julia Francisco (15.04.1826-28.07.1921) on her 87th birthday. She married Alexander Francisco on 9.06.1853. Julia died at Quarry Cottage, Queen Victoria Street, on 28.07.1921, aged 95 years. >

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