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Commissary-General Eichbaum

C.W. Eichbaum JP arrived in Fremantle January 1867, to take charge of the Commissariat (part of the Convict Establishment). He lived in the house built on lot 5 (originally granted to W. Lamb - Hitchcock: 110) on the northwest corner of Cliff and High Sts, where the Union Bank building has stood since 1889. Before his occupancy it was Daniel Scott's house, and shortly afterwards it was the Seubert boarding-house, run by Charlotte and George.

Eichbaum quite soon moved to Perth to succeed General Hawkins in charge of the Commissary there. He then went to England, Ceylon, England, and then New Zealand, where he died when a horse bolted. Two of his descendants left here were Mrs George Shenton, and a Mr Eichbaum.

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