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John Hole Duffield

John Hole Duffield (1797-1859) was a builder and publican. He sailed from England at the age of 33, arriving in Fremantle on the Warrior in March 1830 [Erickson]. He was joined by his wife, Charlotte [nee Foss], and four children [including John Hole Duffield Jnr] in December 1831 on the Egyptian.

Duffield received considerable grants of land from the colonial authorities, including 500 acres at Bicton and 926 acres in the Murray district. He later owned 2,640 acres at Harvey and over the years purchased several lots in the Fremantle district.

John Duffield was an energetic and resourceful man who worked as a building contractor, carpenter and cooper. He was the proprietor of the Albion Inn [not the Albion Hotel], where he developed his talents as brewer and winemaker.

John Duffield died in April 1859 and was interred in the Alma Street cemetery Fremantle. His remains were later exhumed and transferred to the Skinner Street cemetery; later again his headstone was transferred to Karrakatta: Anglican ANFC 93. MCB. >


The hostelry maintained by John Duffield, perhaps from 1839 to 1844, was not called the Albion Hotel, as the MCB notes (above) have it (which caused me, for one, confusion with the Albion Hotel in Stirling Highway Cottesloe). (Rica Erickson's Dictionary also has Albion Hotel.) It was a house at Lot 117 Pakenham St (third lot from the end on the western side), and was called the Albion Inn in this advertisement in the Perth Gazette, 28 September 1839.

B Y  P U B L I C  A U C T I O N,
by Messrs. L. & W. Samson,
On Thursday, the 3d day of October, the property of a person about to leave
the Colony,
A HOUSE at Fremantle, formerly called the Albion Inn, in fee-simple, being Allotment No. 117 ...

The Perth Gazette for 23 Jan 1836 refers to the names of six licensees of hotels in Fremantle and eight in Perth. The Albion was under the proprietorship of Mary F. Crisp.

John Duffield received Licenses for sale of Liquor at the Albion, advertised 6 Feb 1841 and 3 Feb 1844, and he advertised to sell goods which travellers had left at the Albion and not reclaimed, on 17 Aug 1842.

The first John Hole Duffield had eleven children. One of them, Emily Catherine, married Philip Webster and was buried 21 June 1868 by George Bostock, having died aged 23 of 'typhoid fever'.

John Hole Duffield's second child was given the identical name:


The second John H. Duffield (b. 28 July 1819), the second child (of eleven) of the first, died 22 May 1894 aged 75 - as a memorial on Fremantle Cemetery Heritage Trail shows (above). His wife Sarah Glyde died 11 April 1908. The memorial would have been brought from the Skinner St Cemetery. A stained glass window in St John's Church (the second church was opened 1882) commemorates John Hole Duffield (2nd) and Sarah.

J.H. Duffield Jnr was a Town Councillor 1879-80 and Duffield Avenue Beaconsfield is named after him. His children were John (1843-44), an un-named son (1844-44), Emily Caroline (1845-68), Edwin Foss (1846-1922). >>

A third John Hole Duffield (son of the second) died 17 October 1844, aged 1, of 'scalding', and was buried by Rev. George King in the Fremantle Cemetery of that time, in Alma St.

John William Duffield died December 1850 of 'atrophy' aged 6 months and was buried by R. Postlethwaite, probably in Skinner St Cemetery. His father is recorded to have been a 'schoolmaster to Aborigines'. It's presently unknown what relationship these two had with JHD1.

Charles Hole Duffield (son of the first John) married Emma Cleaver and then her sister Jane Cleaver (21Dec1834-10Jan1865, seven children), both of whom died of consumption (tuberculosis). They were the children of John and Mary Cleaver who arrived in 1843 on the Success. Jane Duffield was buried 11 January 1965 (aged 'over 21') and was buried by Rev. George Bostock (presumably in Skinner St Cemetery). In a second record in the same spreadsheet, Jane Duffield was buried 10 January 1865, aged 29, of 'consumption', by Rev. Bostock. One of Charles's children, Jeannette, was buried 21 September 1964 by Rev. Bostock, aged 15 months, having died of 'atrophy'.

J.H. Duffield's faithful servant Charles Jacob was given his own tombstone by the family in 1869. The stone is to be found on the Heritage Trail in the middle of Fremantle Cemetery and would have been brought from the Skinner St cemetery (which closed 1899) in 1931. >

Two men, J. H. Duffield and John Luff, were smothered in 1860 when the sides of a well which they were sinking (on the property of Mr. Easton in East Fremantle) caved in. (Hitchcock: 43.)

DUFFIELD, John Hole, b. 2.1797, d. 5.4.1859 (Frem), arr. 12.3.1830 per Warrior, followed by wife & 4 chd. per Egyptian. m. 13.9.1816 (England) Charlotte FOSS b. 16.9.1798 d. 8.11.1865 (Frem). Chd. Edwin Foss b. 1817 d. 1831 (Eng.), John Hole b. 1819 d. 1894, Charles Hole b. 1821 d. 1822 (Eng), Charles Hole b. 1823 d. 1891, Samuel Bidgood b. 1825 d. 1901, Mary Hole b. 1827 d. 1829 (Eng.), Lydia Charlotte b. 1829 d. 1915, Caroline Hole b. 1833 d. 1919, William Hole b. 1834 d. 1875, C1ara Foss b. 1837, James Hole b. 1639 d. 1860. To Sydney 9.4.1833 per Jolly Rambler, returned 1.1.1834 per Australian. Granted 500 acres "Bicton" & 926 acres in Murray district. Later owned 2640 acres at Harvey, & several lots at Frem. Contractor, carpenter, cooper "Bicton" Fremantle. Prop. "Albion Hotel" [Albion Inn, Lot 117 Pakenham Street] brewer & wine merchant. Sent the first cask of wine overseas from WA as a gift to a friend in England.

DUFFIELD, John Hole, b. 28.7.1819, d. 22.5.1894, son of John Hole & Charlotte (nee Foss), arr. 28.12.1831 per Egyptian with mother, m. 5.1842 Sarah GLYDE b. 1824 d. 11.4.1908, dtr. of William, she arr. per Rockingham 14.5.1830. Chd. John b. 1843 d. 1844, son d. infancy 1844, Emily Caroline b. 1845 d. 1868, Edwin Foss b. 1846 d. 1922, John b. 1850 d. 1850. Fremantle. Bt. Town Lot 1854. Schoolmaster to Aborigines 1850. Jack of all Trades. Mail Contractor Frem-Claremont 1856 & General Dealer. Inherited half of father's "Bicton Estate". Qualified as a juror having real estate of £50. Employed a T/L labourer 1879. Educ. Prem. C/E. (Erickson)

DUFFIELD, Samuel Bidgood, b. 15.4.1825 (England), d. 16.6.1901 (Frem), son of John Hole D. & Charlotte, arr. 28.12.1831 per Egyptian with mother, m. 3.2.1846 Eliza BACKSHALL b. 1825 d. 3.7.1906, dtr. of William & Lydia, she arr. 20.8.1842 per Simon Taylor. Chd. Lydia b. 1847. Charlotte Frances Mary b. 1849. Alice b. 1851, Elizabeth b. 1854 d. 1922, Joseph William b. 1856 d. 1902, Lucy Sarah b. 1858 (Frem) d. 1884 (drowned), Harriet b. 1862, Caroline Cecilia b. 1864, Annie Eliza b. 1865 (Frem) d. 1952. Fremantle 1840s firewood contractor with brotber Charles, sawyer. Innkeeper & Rottnest Lightbouse keeper for 28 years (1854-1882). Employed 2 T/L men 1878. Listed as a civil pensioner 1883.

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MCB Karrakatta Heritage Trail, from which the main article above is taken

Many thanks to Philip Pope, descendant of J.H. Duffield, who has provided some of the information above, including the photos of the Karrakatta grave and plaque.

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Allen Graham has been researching Fremantle hotels since 1982. There is a map compiled by him in the Fremantle Library collection showing Fremantle hotels 1829-1857.

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