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Kate Caldwell

Kate Caldwell (1889-1955) was a founding member of the Western Australian Historical Society. She held office as Honorary Research Secretary from 1932–1947 and as Honorary Treasurer from 1948–1949. Caldwell delivered a paper to W.A. Historical Society on 29 May 1931 on the derivation of the names of streets in Fremantle. Caldwell Street Beaconsfield was renamed in her honour. It was originally named Blamey Street. Fremantle Library.

Miss Caldwell's paper, 'Fremantle street names', was republished in a drastically shortened version in Ewers. Her data formed the basis of a document about street names generated by the History staff of the Fremantle Library, which is still available online. I combined both of them with some of my own (continuing) work to produce my street names index.

She also compiled part of the register of deceased persons transcribed from church records (misleadingly called 'cemetery records').


Kate Caldwell’s contribution to these volumes is in the ‘E- F’ Volume 4 of nine volumes of transcriptions by many different people for cemeteries all over WA. The SLWA Call No. is PR 2640. (Image and text courtesy of Diane Oldman).

burial records

I took this photograph in the former Fremantle History Centre. If I remember correctly it shows a page of Kate Caldwell's transcription from church records, and the first page of Graham Bown's on the right.

References and Links

Caldwell, Kate 1931, 'Fremantle street names', Early Days: Journal of Royal WA Historical Society, 1, 9: 45-57; adapted in John K. Ewers, 1971 [1948], The Western Gateway: A History of Fremantle, 2nd ed.; appendix 9: 'Fremantle Street Names': 219-230.

Image from the register courtesy of Diane Oldman, 25 February 2018.

Fremantle Library catalog entry for Kate Caldwell's 1936 compilation.

Fremantle Library catalog entry for Graham Bown's compilation, incorrectly showing Kate Caldwell as the author. Bown's MS states explicitly that he copied the data from parish records in 1984.

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