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Frederick Caesar

Frederick Caesar, 1838-1904, was born in Guildford, Surrey, arriving on the Strathmore in 1871. He was the publican of the Pier Hotel in Cliff Street when he settled, from July 1976, then the Emerald Isle which became the Hotel Orient in High Street. He then established the Richmond Hotel in Victoria Road (now Queen Victoria Street). He died 10 May 1904 aged 66 and was interred at Anglican A229.


caesar grave

Frederick Caesar's gravestone in Fremantle Cemetery, Anglican A229.

"Pier Hotel" Fremantle.
THE undersigned having taken over this business from Mr. Wm. Brown, begs to inform his friends and the public generally that his Hotel accommodation is now replete with every comfort; that his wines, spirits, and beer, are of the best brands, that his "Bar" is much improved to meet the requirements of his numerous friends and visitors, and he trusts by the exercise of due attention to secure their undivided patronage.
Western Australian Times, Tuesday 18 July 1876.

The Herald 1881:
We regret to announce the somewhat sudden death of Mrs. Caesar, the well known and much respected hostess of the Emerald Isle Hotel, Fremantle. Mrs. Caesar has been suffering from some internal complaint for a long while. On Friday morning last, she was taken exceedingly ill and her medical attendants decided upon performing an operation which she underwent on Saturday. She expired about 3 o'clock last Sunday morning. The Herald (Fremantle) Saturday 17 December 1881: 1.

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