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Rev George J. Bostock

The old St. John's [Anglican] Rectory in Cantonment Street was demolished in 1927 to make way for the expanding field of wool export. Among the many estimable clerics who from time to time occupied that venerable building, special mention should be made of the Rev. G. J. Bostock, who laboured with much acceptance in the Anglican fold for about twenty years between the fifties and the seventies [1850-1870]. Like the [Congregational] Rev. J. Johnston, he conducted a Young Men's Society that provided intellectual pabulum of a very high order for the young men of his flock, essays, lectures and debates being the instruments of mental culture he most favoured. In that sphere of his activities he had an able coadjutor in Dr. H. C. Barnett ... Hitchcock: 84, 86; photo from that source.

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