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George Barrow

J.K. Hitchcock:
I do not know what offence earned for this gentleman his free passage to Australia, but he was undoubtedly a man of conspicuous ability, and probably had used some of his many talents in a wrong direction in the Old Country. His versatility marked him as one of the most accomplished of the broadarrow brigade, and he possessed a very attractive personality. During his stay in Fremantle. which was not long, he owned and published a newspaper called the Era. In the day time he worked as an accountant to Mr. Lionel Samson, and in the evenings on the production of his paper. It was a small affair, printed in lithograph, and the caligraphy was a marvel of neatness. It was published once a week at the price of sixpence, and dealt mainly, with social topics. Barrow eventually left the colony, and obtained an important government appointment in Mauritius, but on its becoming known there that he was an ex-convict from Western Australia he lost his position—another illustration of the aptness of the old adage, "Give a dog a bad name and hang him."

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